Functional design is a priority

Compact form of CES BATTERY BOX brings many advantages – one of the main are minimal requirements of space. Thanks to one power cable on the input and output it remains you in the place of installation the enough of next space or vice versa – the system is suitable to smaller spaces or under staircase.
Unique performance All-in-one offers all the necessary parts installed in one unique comprehensive device. You will not need any other components for launching into operation, the device contents battery bank in the configuration which you have chosen.

Great emphasis is given on individual device design. Quality of performance and quality of used materials are the basis of every piece. The surface is imprint-resistant and it is easy to maintain. Inner structure of components is transparent and includes mechanical protection elements of elected parts.
At the three-phase system is invaluable helper the special LED luminous strip, which helps thanks to colour spectrum easy to indicate the current charging status of batteries
(blue – charged 100% – 21%, orange – charged 20% - 6%, red – nearly discharged 5% - 0%).

Transparent managing system is easy to operate by the use of touch display – user setting is intuitive. Every device is by installation automatically connected to the Internet and contents the output communication protocol ModBus TCP for connecting at the third parts systems (p.e. of intelligent houses communication control)


Brain and heart of the household

Similarly as heart and brain operate the supplying of energy in all the places in the human body, the three-phase system CES BATTERY BOX helps to manage and distribute electric power on all the necessary places in your household to cover the current demand. The key is the possibility of prioritary managing of regulated appliances (electrovehicle, recuperation, water heating, air-condition etc.), on whose at the expense is possible to react at the purchase changes – on the side of appliances which are not regulable.

24-hours cycle

Main meaning of energy accumulation is the gaining of the possibility of energy consumption in another time, than it was produced or stored. If you are an owner of home photovoltaic electric power station, the system offers you to use the accumulated solar energy in the time when the production itself does not run (the highest household consumption is detected in the morning or in the evening, when the Sun does not shine yet or thanks to the weather is the electric power station performance not sufficient for coverage of requested consumption). If long-term weather forecast is not favourable to the own production or you do not own home electric power station, but you are concerned in optimalization of energy costs, the hybrid system CES BATTERY BOX offers the possibility to charge the batteries from distribution network in the time out of top in the framework of cheaper tariffs. This way, you can consume the cheap gained energy later, when the rates are at the higher level again.


Advantages of CES BATTERY BOX system

The system of conservation of own produced energy from renewable resources or thanks to cheaper tariffs from classic distribution network offers compact solution ALL-IN-ONE with one cable on the input and on the output, too. Hybrid solution brings important savings of costs thanks to setting of consumption priorities by regulated appliances (electrovehicles, recuperation, heat pump, air-condition, water heating, pool…) Available own energy 24 hours daily offers the coverage of household consumption in the case of failure of classic distribution network, too. Proceeding of production system and energy accumulation according to the weather forecast helps to better manage with stored energy that way in order to do not begin to realize the wastage on the places, where is not the consumption current. Modular battery system brings optional performance and capacity according to the requirements of you household. Lifetime of batteries is now set for duration of more than 16 years by one charging of 80% daily and the system is ready for implementation of new technology types according to the future development. Fire safety is based with triple securing od disconnection in the emergency case.


Lifetime of batteries min.16 years


Own energy available 24 hours daily


Electric power failures protection


System management according to the weather forecast


Settings of regulated appliances priorities

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