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Our world stays on non-stop usage of electric power. Most of us is life dependent of its sources and we can not imagine the world without regular supply of power. The trends in energetic field are going the hand-in-hand with the reaction on the status of life environment and drawing of energy from unsustainable resources. The future of our complete energetic independence resides in intelligent system of decentralization of energy production in renewable resources, specifically in energetic independence of every household. This fact, together with increasing price of energy and the question of energetic safety is forcing us to think about available solution fo everyone. In the framework of this challenge we suggested own three-phase system CES BATTERY BOX, with the use of the newest pieces of knowledge about technologies in field of energy storage.

Our Team

"My destiny is the way to the energetic self-sufficiency."

Milan Turena


"Energy accumulation means sustainable future."

Ludvík Doleček


"Every day is a new opportunity to change the world."

Matěj Muzika


"Each new experience is a challenge for me."

Petr Maroš


"The CES BATTERY BOX system is my second life."

Jaroslav Šťásek


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