Declaration of personal entries protection

Personal entries protection
With personal entries of customers is treated in accordance of valid laws of Czech Republic (law about personal entries protection No.101/2000 legal code, in the wording of later appendixes and regulations). The customer agrees by the sending of demand or by closing of the purchase contract with processing and collecting of his personal entries in the database Česká energeticko-auditorská spol. s r.o. (next as „Company“), and it till the time of his written statement of disagreement with this processing. It is possible to clear the personal entries from the database on the basis of written customer´s request. The customer and purchaser has the right to ask for the access to his personal entries, has the right on its correction including next legal rights to these entries. Personal entries of customers are fully secured against misuse. The personal entries of customers are not passed by the supplier to any next person. The exception is by the assembling companies, to which are the personal entries of customers passed in the extent which is necessary for closing of purchase contract and ensuring of installation or supply of goods. Individual contracts are after their closing by the company and by the external assembling companies archived, and this in the electronic form and they are accessible to the named subjects only.

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