Comprehensive hybrid system of electric power production and accumulation

The basics of the energetic self sufficient home are based on the use of sustainable resources of pure energy. Perfect system of operation with these resources is the way to complete energetic freedom and independence.
Our target is to make the system of production and storage of electric power from renewable resources available to everyone, who is not being unconcerned to his life costs and to the environment.

Hybrid system CES BATTERY BOX is an intelligent solution, which links up the production of electric power from renewable resources with its storage. Storage of produced energy into any adjustable battery bank presents an optimal way of management with own produced energy, which covers the consumption of your household in requested time, not only in the time of production in progress.


Saving and costs



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Compact ALLinONE system


System management according to the weather forecast


Individual phase measurement


Optional performance and battery capacity


Electric power failures protection


Own energy available 24 hours daily


Settings of regulated appliances priorities


Fire safety


User-friendly interface


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